Mercedes C200 Dash Warning Lights

Mercedes C200 Dash Warning Lights

This guide will help you understand the standard warning lights that may appear on your Mercedes C200 dash. You must know how to respond to all warning lights to avoid unexpected damage to your vehicle and ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. In cases where you are unsure of what to do, contact Automotive Hospital to help you, as we have trained experts that know more about Mercedes service and repairs than anyone. 

Here are the basics: 

  • If you see a RED warning light, there is a serious and potentially dangerous problem. You need to stop the car.
  • For the YELLOW warning light, you need to take action as soon as you can but can continue driving.
  • GREEN the system is working as it should or is currently in use.

Mercedes C200 Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light.

Mercedes C200 Abs Warning Light

ABS is crucial for safety and to make sure that you can stop quickly when you need to. If this light is on then you should still have unassisted braking, which means it is safe enough to drive but you must take extra care, and avoiding high speeds is advised. However, when this light is illuminated in tangent with the brake warning light it could indicate a failure in the braking system. If this is the case you need to stop as soon as it is safe to do so and contact Automotive Hospital. 

Mercedes-Benz Electronic Stability Problem (ESP) Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Esp Warning Light

The electronic stability problem (also known as electronic stability control) is a system that helps stabilise the car when driving on slippery roads for example. When working properly, it should only flash on intermittently, as it is being used. If it is on constantly it indicates there is a problem. Restart the engine and if the light remains on then you should go to a mechanic ASAP.

Mercedes C200 Engine Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Engine Warning Light

The check engine warning light is often combined with obvious issues such as sputtering noises or a lack of power to the car. It is advised that you get the car checked as soon as possible when this light comes on as driving it further could lead to irreversible damage. 

Mercedes C200 Coolant Level Warning light

Mercedes C200 Coolant Levels Warning Light

This light turns on if the coolant level in your engine is low. Coolant does exactly what it says on the tin, it helps to cool the engine when the car is on. You should top up as soon as you can but when this light first comes on it is not an emergency. It is also wise to check for any coolant leaks if this light turns on. 

Mercedes C200 Engine Overheating Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Engine Overheating Warning Light

As you’d imagine, this light turns on when the engine is overheating. If this light turns on, you must stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Wait until the engine has cooled and if possible check the coolant level in the coolant receptacle. If the level is low, then top up the coolant and continue driving. If the problem persists then visit a mechanic immediately and refrain from driving as much as you can as an overheating engine can cause irreversible damage. 

Mercedes C200 Power Steering Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Power Steering Warning Light

If this light turns on, there is a problem with the power steering. Sometimes, this may just need a reboot – so just pull your car over and restart the engine, however drive with caution as the steering will be much stiffer than when the power steering is working properly. If restarting the engine does not fix the problem you need to contact a professional. 

Mercedes C200 Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light

If you have a relatively new C200 then it may be fitted with a tyre pressure warning light. This handy addition lets you know if your tyres need to be inflated. The cause for the light turning on may just be a natural deflation over time or it could be an indication of a puncture. Regardless, you should inflate your tyres at your earliest convenience and check for signs of a puncture. If the problem persists then you should replace your tyres. 

Mercedes C200 Low Engine Oil Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Low Engine Oil Warning Light

If your low engine oil warning light is on then this is an indication that either your oil is low or that the oil temperature is too high. Regardless, if this light is on you need to stop as soon as possible and check the oil level. If the oil level seems fine then it may be a fault with the oil pump, in which case you should give Automotive Hospital a call. 

Mercedes C200 Parking Brake and Brake Fluid Warning Light.

Mercedes C200 Parking Brake And Brake Fluid Warning Light

This warning light can appear just when you start driving, or after you release the parking brake, and it may indicate that your brake fluid level is low. If it comes on at the same time as your ABS warning light then your braking system may have malfunctioned and you need to pull over as soon as you can. If you know how to check your brake fluid level do so, if not contact us. 

Mercedes C200 Airbag/SRS Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Airbag Srs Warning Light

If this warning light turns on, it shows a fault in the airbag, seat belt system, or supplemental restraints system (SRS). It could mean that the airbag might not go off in event of a crash, or that it may go off at any point during your journey – either scenario is extremely dangerous. If this light is on you need to contact an authorised repair company like Automotive Hospital immediately.

Mercedes-Benz Battery Charge Warning Light

Mercedes Benz Battery Charge Warning Light

If the battery in your car is not charging while you’re driving then this light will turn on. Your car should run as normal with this light on, until the battery runs out at which point your entire car will stop working… Best to get it checked as soon as you can to avoid any such disasters!

Mercedes C200 Brake Pad Wear Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Brake Pad Wear Warning Light

Your brake pads have reached their wear limit when this warning light turns on. This light has been designed to turn on before the brake pads are thin enough to be a hazard, but you should get them checked at your earliest convenience.

Mercedes C200 Glow Plug Warning Light (Diesel)

Mercedes C200 Glow Plug Warning Light

This light is only relevant to diesel engine Mercedes. This light comes on when the engine glow plug is still warming up and you shouldn’t start your engine until the light goes off.  If the indicator light flashes after starting the engine, then it may mean your glow plugs need to be replaced by a trustworthy repairing company like Automotive Hospital.

Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Fault Warning Light

Mercedes Benz Hybrid Fault Warning Light

Many cars on the roads nowadays are hybrids. These are very complex systems and the hybrid fault warning light indicates a problem with the system. If this light turns on it is crucial to pull over as soon as possible and power off the engine. Let it sit for a few minutes and start it again, if the light is off then you are safe to continue driving, but if the light is on then you need to go to a mechanic ASAP. There are a variety of issues that could be causing the issue, some more severe than others.

Mercedes C200 Exhaust Particulate Filter Warning Light (Diesel)

Mercedes C200 Exhaust Particulate Filter Warning Light

The exhaust particulate filter warning light is only relevant to diesel engines. The exhaust particulate filter filters out dangerous soot from the exhaust fumes to help with emissions. If this light is on it simply indicates that your exhaust particulate filter has most likely been clogged with soot and may need replacing, and you should do so at your earliest convenience. 

Mercedes C200 Diesel Exhaust Fluid / AdBlue Warning light

Mercedes C200 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Ad Blue Warning Light

If this light turns on it means your diesel exhaust fluid is low and needs to be replaced. AdBlue is a type of diesel exhaust fluid that is commonly used. If this light  turns on be sure to top up the fluid as soon as you can as whilst it is not an emergency initially, it can turn into a problem and the engine may not start when the light turns from yellow to red. 

Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST® Warning Light

Mercedes Benz Attention Assist Warning Light

This light is fairly simple to understand; it looks at your speed, your steering, road conditions, and the amount of time you’ve spent behind the wheel. From this it calculates whether you need to take a break. Ignore this light at your own peril! 

Mercedes C200 Bulb Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Bulb Warning Light

If one of your bulbs needs to be replaced, this light comes on. Working head and tail lights are crucial safety features of every vehicle, and on top of that you may get pulled over by the police if your lights are not working properly. This is why it is crucial that you do not ignore this warning light.

Mercedes C200 Brake Assist System (BAS) Warning Light

Mercedes C200 Brake Assist System (bas) Warning Light

The Brake Assist System (BAS) is an advanced technology that scans the road ahead and measures the distance and relative speed of other vehicles around you, warning you if they get too close. Whilst this system is very useful, it is not an integral part of the vehicle and as such does not require immediate attention. However, it is still wise to get it looked at by a qualified professional as soon as is convenient.

Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Light

Mercedes Benz Dashboard Warning Light

This light is a catch-all warning light that could highlight a variety of problems. There is usually a message attached to it and it could state something as simple as you’ve left your indicator on, or that your lights are on during the day. It could however also be a more serious problem and you should react to this light accordingly.

Check Your Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights.

If you still have some questions about your Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning light, contact us at Automotive Hospital. We are leading European car repair specialists based in Sydney. 

We can discuss all of these Mercedes-Benz symbols and meanings or simply look over your vehicle to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis.


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