Service Inclusions

Automotive Hospital provides vehicle log book servicing for new vehicles without affecting your new car warranty.

We are able to reset your on board computers & service reminder light, stamp & update your service book records. Avoid costly repair costs and dealer servicing costs by regularly servicing your vehicle with a trusted professional. We are here to help… Offering cost effective Log Book Servicing for European and Prestige Vehicles in the Sydney Area. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of Customer Testimonials for real world feedback.

We are a friendly team and we thrive on excellent customer service and good communication.

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Service Inclusions

Engine Flush
Replacement of engine oil
Replacement of engine oil filter
New sump plug washer
Battery load test
All water & oil levels checked and topped up
Coolant specific gravity check
Brake fluid water content test
Cooling system pressure test
Service light reset & stamp service book
Tyre pressures including spare checked
Safety inspection
Brake condition report
Lubricate door locks & latches
Brake fluid flush
Air filter Replacement
Cabin filter replacement
Fuel filter replacement
Spark plug replacement
Wheel rotation
Coolant flush

Small Inclusions

Medium Inclusions

Full Inclusions

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